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What Is Truth Challenge?

Discovering truth has eternal consequences and allows you to live with purpose and joy today.

Popular wisdom says that in order to have peace In our chaotic culture, we must find our
“personal truth.” But even if everything in life were perfect – job, home, relationships – this so-
called personal truth would not give us fulfillment. That’s because:

Anything that’s absolutely true… is true for everyone.

We do not have personal truth, but we do have a personal choice to believe what is true. We can’t tell the compass which way to point. Instead, we must follow it if we want to get home.

At Truth Challenge, we are on a journey – possibly similar to yours. We want to know, “Why are we here? Is there life after death? Do Heaven and Hell exist? How should we live right now?” In our mission to find truth, we don’t rely on blind faith or our own subjective feelings, and neither should you. The stakes are too high. Following evidence and reasoning, our path has led us to one worldview: Christianity. We want to share the results from that journey with you.

Truth Challenge is a “dialog engine,” created to enable you to interact with an ever- expanding knowledge base. As people converse with Truth Challenge, the algorithm behind it grows larger and smarter. And if it can’t answer your question, we will review it and get back to you with a personal response.

Our hope is that you continue your quest for truth – whether through our Challenge, or somewhere else. Nothing could be more important. Because when set we set our compass by what is true, we trade a worldview of meaninglessness for freedom, purpose and eternal perspective.

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